We are Equify Auctions. We help people buy and sell.

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  • We are Equify Auctions
    We help people buy and sell

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  • Fast, friendly and courteous. From consignment of items to checkout procedures to processing payments, you can be assured of your transaction in a safe, reliable environment. We are SERVICE - that's the only thing we sell, and our reputation depends on it.
  • World class staff. From our world champion auctioneers to our smiling office staff to our efficient load out staff, you can have confidence that, whether you are a buyer or a seller, you will be met with the highest degree of professionalism. One contact with our staff will assist you in consigning, make-ready, transportation, and sale without the stress of you having to be hands-on.
  • The latest technology. We offer the latest technology in order to provide you seamless information on your transactions, as well as buyer and seller comforts in our all- weather permanent facilities. We provide, not only live, but color slide viewing on each item from the comfort of your theater seat. This technology provides you, the buyer, instant information in making qualified purchasing decisions.
  • Global reach. The world marketplace at your place of business, at home, or live at our auction location with an internet sales market that reaches all areas of the globe. Equify offers sales that reach every continent for every item that is available today.
  • Aggressive advertising program. Our advertising is another strong commitment to you. Equify advertises in all major publications across the United States while also expanding our reach digitally through all the various online methods available today.
  • Licensed, bonded and insured. Equify has all licenses, bonding, and insurance for a safe and reliable transaction, driven by an organization that is available for anyone and everyone. Regarding any type of item from a fleet of equipment, trucks, real estate, or excess inventory, our mobility for on-site auctions are un-paralleled in today’s market.









Equify AuctionServices

  • Sales

  • Make Ready

  • Transportation

  • Fully Automated

  • Financial Packages

  • Appraisals

  • Quick Support

  • Our sales team has 120 years of combined experience in the auction and equipment arena. Your call or contact will create an immediate response from one of our qualified sales people. Their goal is to provide you with a direct answer without fluff or variables. Equify will give you the answers you need, not what some may think you want to hear. Oustanding results are what we strive to achieve in the sale or purchase of any type of item. Equify was built on the integrity of the transaction, not to simply close a deal. Our team will review your needs and bring you a solution to achieve your desired results. This process will include a review of your item or items, completion of contract, listing of item with photos on our website, assistance for delivery of items to our auction site, guidance through auction day, and the completion of the sale with proceeds within 18 business days. This group can arrange for stationary items to be sold offsite by photo during our live auction with internet bidding. Our team can assist in other financial arrangements provided by Equify Financial. Our sales team can also assist you in any of our other products such as on-site auctions at your location, timed online auctions and retail sales of your item on our retail listing. The sales team can also assist you at any time in your search for specific items that are not in our auction inventory. The next move is yours!

  • Equify is a complete auction service for all your needs. We offer services that few provide in our industry such as detail, de-identify, light and heavy repairs - all done in a complete shop with seasoned professionals that take pride in getting you results. You can be assured that all of these services are provided with you in mind, with the resulting costs not exceeding the value of the additional results that will be derived from the sale. These services are available daily with scheduling required in advance. Pricing is available from our staff on request. One contact with our sales team will start the process for your item and remove the need for further attention so you can focus on your day-to-day business operation.

  • Equify prides ourselves on the stability of qualified contract carriers that are available for your needs. We are happy to provide these companies to you upon request. All arrangements are then made by you for the ease of the timing and scheduling that you require. The financial arrangements are made by you so that you are aware of the costs. Equify does not take responsibility for any arrangements concerning the transportation, as well as any liability that could be derived from this transaction. Equify will accept the billing on your behalf to deduct from any sales proceeds. All buyers will be responsible for arrangements to be paid regarding shipment from our yard.

  • Equify has the latest and most efficient operating system in the auction industry. All information for buyers and sellers is instantaneous in the auction process. All reports are available at any time when requested by our customer. Sellers are given realtime data on their consignments while buyers will enjoy the quick and responsive reports on purchases. All auctions, whether at our location or yours, are fully automated with digital clerking, picture display, catalogs, website listings, consignment reports, invoicing, check out, and item removal.

    Equify enjoys an internet presence that is world class and worldwide. Our internet sales have grown exponentially over prior years to a present level of approximately 30% of our live auctions. Those sales are not only domestic but also reach every continent on the globe. You, the consignor, can be assured that your items will be seen globally, in part due to our internet sales, but also driven by the early listing of items on our website that is seen in all marketplaces. The early listing by a consignor insures the complete exposure for their consignments.

  • Equify has a custom made package available to you as both buyer and seller. We have the ability to custom design your package through a guaranty or complete purchase. These packages are custom designed arrangements in order to meet your present needs. Our sales team can offer these upon request when discussing the sale of your items.

    We proudly offer financing for our buyers through Equify Financial, LLC, our sister company, with approved credit. These arrangements must be in advance of auction day, but are always available with any of your other needs in your day-to-day operation.

  • Equify offers complete appraisal and inspection services. Our appraisal team is seasoned, not only in sales, but in what is also required for your financial planning needs. They offer reporting for your banking or bonding that meets industry requirements. This team offers collateral recovery services to the financial industry as well. This team is only a contact away from a discussion of your needs.

  • Equify Auctions is always on call for you. We have a saying here, “You call, we haul." All of your requests, needs, and questions will be met, not only in a timely manner, but with the utmost in professionalism. All we sell is service - that item or items that you have are yours and we treat it as your hard-earned money no matter how large or how small. We strive to offer our services in an efficient, cost effective manner. We want you as a customer but we also want you as a friend.

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RecentAttendees say

  • client-photo-2
    Gayle Jones

    Thank you Equify Auctions! We have always found the selection of trucks and equipment at your sales to be outstanding. We have also been very pleased with the results that were achieved with items we have consigned. The staff is always friendly, professional, and goes out of their way to make sure every detail is taken care of.

  • client-photo-3
    Johnny Horton

    I have been an active participant in auctions at Equify Auctions for a number of years. Overall this auction house is very easy to deal with. They have a very knowledgeable staff that is very helpful and friendly. I have been very pleased with the results from their auctions and would recommend them to anyone that is looking for an establishment that treats customers fairly.

  • Rick Carroll
    Rick Carroll

    I’ve known C.E. Vaughan personally and professionally for many years and can absolutely attest to his experience, industry knowledge and dedication to providing the highest possible level of service to his clients. Most importantly, he and his staff consistently exhibit a level of professionalism and integrity that make doing business with them a truly positive experience.

  • Tracy Hunt
    Tracy Hunt

    If you need to go to an auction with personal and reliable staff and service, then CE Vaughan and his staff at Equify Auctions is a good choice to make. Our company has done business with them for a number of years. We have bought and sold equipment and trucks with nothing but satisfaction. We will continue to do business with Equify Auctions and CE Vaughan for years to come. You get a fair deal and great service with people that stand behind their work and their word.



National Auctioneer Day

April 20, 2014

Auctioneering is the one of the oldest professions in existence. It lets buyers determine the true value of items they wish to have. In the Equipment World the auctions is the base for establishing the fair market value for a seller’s asset. Our industry contributes over a quarter of a trillion dollars to the US economy every year. Auctioneers create the competitive marketplace to connect buyers and sellers, with an organized sale structure. Sellers and buyers are guided through the process by the professional auctioneer from contract, consignment, make ready suggestions, advertising, sale, collection, and prompt accurate settlement.

Why chooseEquify?

Sales team with auction experience is your consultant. Your guide through the process. Equify can help with appraisal values for large packages.

Office Team with auction experience is your ally. Checks for liens on equipment. Develops catalog and advertising to showcase your equipment.

Yard operations team. With your direction they will make your equipment “sale ready”. Organize yard for sale. Make sure sale day all runs well.
Two Page understandable contract. You can feel comfortable with all aspects of auction - contract is simple and straight forward.
Keep consignors “in the loop” on the sale progress. Advertising to, and direct contact with, buyers about the sale. Build confidence with both consignors and buyers.
Auction clerking is the heart of sale day. We insure accuracy by recording both audio and video. Office team is on your side before and after the sale. Buyers payments are collected and registered to your equipment, assuring prompt payment per terms of the contract.